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ViSit Anywhere 22.2.2 Release Notes

SharePoint Source

Version 22 of ViSit Anywhere (and VAX) introduced a breaking change in the processing of LookUp fields in a SharePoint data source. In the original behavior, VA was integrating a lookup field as the identifier of the related row (id field). This behavior was changed so that VA integrates a lookup field as the value of the related row (as specified in the configuration of the field in SharePoint).

This version restores the original behavior : lookup fields are plain 32 bits ids. But VA now provides a way to modify this default behavior, with an option defined at the module level (where the data source is specified). You can complement the Url of the SharePoint site with a semi-colon separated list of options :;ResolveLookUp=true

ResolveLookUp is the only option currenty implemented.

Integration of PDF Drawings

With this version, you can integrate a PDF drawing as any other vector file, in DWG or DGN format. The vector data is of course in paper coordinates, in inches ('in'). Once integrated, you must register the site on remarkable points or tick marks. It is worth noting that this registration functionality is now open to Standard licences.

Insert Node Tool

Inserting a node on a network segment could generate an invalid data set and fail with a constraint exception, depending on the actual data model. THis problem should be fixed with this version.


We have corrected a problem during the validation of a cost distribution : the generation of the report was interrupted, although the data was properly saved.


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