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ViSit Anywhere 17.1.1 Release Notes

Updated Function Editor

The function editor based on ScintillaNET (a native source code editor) has been replaced with a .NET component.  This update is designed to reduce the size of the ViSit Anywhere application and to facilitate future ViSit Anywhere deployment strategies.

Improvements to the EPANET Exports

We are now able to execute an EPANET simulation directly from ViSit Anywhere and capture the error and warning message that are written to the report prefix.  The warning are then displayed in a special purpose grid and, if the warning is related to a specific element in the ViSit Anywhere dataset, the user can use locate and highlight tools to navigate to and otherwise investigate the problem.  We also provide some preliminary user interface to specifying the [TIMES] and [REPORT] parameters for the simulation.  This will allow us to build locations tool for problematic elements and, eventually to display the results of the simulation in ViSit Anywhere.

Addressed Problems Associated With Locked Settings File at Start Time

Some of our users were seeing "file in use" errors when starting ViSit Anywhere due to some processing accessing the file.  The startup process has been modified to allow us to access the settings file using a "read-shared" strategy as well has have a fallback process that would retry to access the file in case of error.  This file may be in use either if more than one instances of ViSit Anywhere are launched, or some other process is scanning files (this can happen if tools like anti-virus software or "ccleaner" are active when ViSit Anywhere is launched).

Corrected Error with Remove Highlight Button

There was an error with the "Remove Highlight" button associated with horizontal data grid.  When the grid was closed the button would remain active (rather than being disabled) and clicking on it would cause an error to be raised.  This behavior has been corrected.

Corrected Error with Revision Explorer Grid When Window Was Unpinned

There was a error with the behavior of the Revision Explorer grid where the state (open/closed) of the grid was incorrectly saved when the grid was unpinned (that is, open, but not visible).  The error caused the grid to disappear as the program through that it was open when it was not.  This behavior has been corrected.

The Default Value in a Detail Row Now Used to Initialize the Row

When a default value is defined in a detail table, the column will now automatically be populated.  This seeming simple correction however may have the unforeseen consequence of adding the detail row just to hold the default value.  In general, rows are only added to the detail tables when they hold a user specified value.  Administrators must weigh the advantages of having a default value against the advantage of not populating the detail table with unnecessary rows when deciding whether or not to provide a detail value for row.  Note, it is not possible to have a default value in a column if the row does not exist.

Exclude "Inactive Charge" From Electrical Charge Simulation

An issue has been corrected where "Inactive Charges" were being applied in an electrical calculation even when the calculation specification parameters indicated that the inactive changes should not be applied.  The calculations are now performed in a way that is consistent with the desired parameters.

Enhancements to the Drain Cleaning Tool

A number of enhancements have be added to the existing Drain Cleaning tool.  These enhancements include:

  • The ability to configure 2 spotlights that can display information on the selected assets.
  • A dedicated selection tool that can limit the elements being selected to the current sector.
  • Automatically display information about the nodes related to the selected segments.
  • A renaming of the (french) ribbon page containing the tools to HYDROCURAGE.
  • The addition of standard graphic navigation to to the HYDROCURAGE ribbon page.


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