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ViSit Anywhere 17.3.1 Release Notes

Installers for Windows 64 and Windows 32

In this release we have create installers for both Windows 32 bit (x86) and Windows 64 bit (x64).  Previously, all ViSit Anywhere application ran as 32 bit processes.  The x64 installation will allow the program to address more memory, which should resolve the out-of-memory errors that some people were seeing when manipulating large numbers of files or very large plots.  Microstation XM is a 32 bit process, so the x86 version must be installed to use ViSit Anywhere in Microstation.  The x64 and x86 version can be installed on the same machine.  ViSit Anywhere GT projects will function with either the x86 version or the x64 version. The user's preferences are also shared between the 2 applications.

New Version of the GT CAD Engine

The underlying CAD engine for ViSit Anywhere GT has been updated.  This may provide corrections to some outstanding problems with CAD drawing and may provide a platform for better performance.

New Version of the .NET Platform

In this release we will be building against .NET 4.61 and C# 6.  This will allow us to access most of the modern API's for better asynchronous processes.

New Version of the UI Components

The basic UI components were also refreshed with this release, so users my notice some changes to some of the built-in UI features.

New Database Wrapper with Using Managed Oracle Client

A new managed Oracle database wrapper is available.  With this, it should be possible to access Oracle without installing a native Oracle client, so any user with access to an Oracle database should be able to connect to the database.  This driver does not currently support a spatial data provider.  The unmanaged Oracle client is still available for those that require it.

New Shape Spatial Data Provider

A new Shape spatial data provider has been implemented.  This replaces the previous driver that could not be used on x64 installations.  This driver uses a clean, simple API that may allow us to import the Shape file output processes in ViSit Anywhere.

FM SNap-In

The Facility Management extension now exposes 2 properties (CurrentPlotBuilding and CurrentPlotFloor) that can reused in functions, when populating plot borders for instance.

Elec C.F

This version provides a correction to an error that could arise when when operating certain organs with the 'Operate' graphic editor.

SharePoint Snap-In

We have enhanced the SharePoint SnapIn, with a support of the French naming convention for 'casés' folios. The extension has now additional tools for viewing the 'a priori' grid coverage, and integrating SharePoint documents that follow this naming convention. 

Elec PRAO Export

The PRAO Export tool has been enhanced to support autotransformers, alternate geometries and now export the colors of the injection points in a separate file.

Fire Coverage

The generation of a Fire coverage has been enhanced to limit the changes in the revision, ands restrict them to those elements that are actually changed.

EPANET Interface

The EPANET interface now supports the demand patterns that may be attached to the delivery points of the water network.

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