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ViSit Anywhere 18.1.3 Release Notes

VA GT Cad Engine

We have modified the GT cad engine to prevent an error when the user tries to update the symbols in the graphic cache, when the related activity does not specify any symbol definition.

We have also fixed a problem with the display of symbols when the default "0" layer is turned off.


We have corrected an issue in the way we manage coordinate systems in the Positioning extension (POSITIONING tab of the ribbon). The coordinate system of the current project (the default option) was not properly handled.

Data Injection

The Data Injection VAX task now handles changes related to inspection tables.


We have corrected minor errors that happened when one tries to export an incomplete project.

Detail Row Initialization

We have corrected an issue that prevented the user from initializing detail rows on a selection of rows in a grid, when the name of key column in the detail table does not match the name of the key in the (spatial) parent.


We have added (in Vigis.Database) a tool provider dedicated to multi-selection.

Some graphic editors (Delete, Move with 2 points) detect the presence of a selection and propose to act on the contents of the current selection.

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