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ViSit Anywhere 17.3.4 Release Notes

Expression Columns

Expression columns must not be editable because their content is calculated by the application.  In this version, we have corrected a problem where it was not possible to add a new row when the table contained an expression column not was not explicitly marked as been read only.

Spatial Queries

In certain instances, when performing spatial queries with a user defined boundaries completely contained in or overlapping more than a single polygon, it was possible that the query would not return all the required containing or overlapping polygons.  This problem has been corrected.

PRAO Export

The PRAO (French format for electrical networks) export can now use an additional spotlight for network nodes called prao_noeud_arret.  This allows us to export switch (interruption) points as if they were network nodes.

Oracle Database Connection with x64 Product Versions

If you are moving to an x64 version of Visit Anywhere, you may find yourself with invalid Oracle database connections.  In this case, depending on the connection options used, it may be necessary to install the x64 Oracle native client (ODAC) or the appropriate OleDB driver.  Géotech can assist in this process.

An alternative that is perhaps more simple and more robust, is to use the new managed Oracle database wrapper.  This is a robust, zero-install, Oracle connection option that can be now be used with ViSit Anywhere.  Please see The New Oracle Driver blog entry for more information on how this might be configured.

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