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ViSIt Anywhere 17.2.1 Release Notes

Access External Source

During the integration of data from an external source, we sometimes need to converse text or integer values to boolean values. This process is database dependant. In this version, we have enhanced the way we detect Microsoft Access source, to adapt our conversion logic accordingly.

Spatial Filter

With this version, the 'Add Spatial Filter' tool proposes to merge the new polygon with the existing filter. The tool detects whether the new polygon is included in the existing filter, and creates holes appropriately.

VA-Maps, Printing with Masks

We have enhanced the management of complex masks in VA-Maps prints.


The EPANET extension of ViSit Anywhere has a stronger logic when parsing the EPANET report, and is now able to extract more information from that output. This is especially useful during the validation of the hydraulic model. Fixed an error when exporting the vertices of a pressure reducing/sustaining valve.

Attaching a Composition

We have changed the behavior of ViSit Anywhere, when activating a 'world' composition while a 'paper' composition is active. The paper composition now remains active, but its display settings are replaced and the map is updated.


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