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ViSit Anywhere 17.1.4 Release Notes

Role out a Label

In ViSit Anywhere, the creation tools will automatically propose to place a label once a new graphic object is created. Some users would like a way to disable this feature, especially for mobile users. This is now possible in this version, using roles. When you exclude a label (with the Add Label tool) from a role, the placement of that is not proposed for new objects.

Remove an Inspection

In specific configurations (data models), a constraint exception was thrown when the user trie to remove an inspection row. This version fixes this problem.

CAD Files Display

ViSit Anywhere automatically sorts the contents of native CAD files (dwg, dgn), so that filled elements are displayed first, before other types of objects.

VA-Maps, Plot at Scale

An enhancement in VA-Maps, in the plotting interface, lets the user choose between 2 scaling modes : by extents (the only choice in previous versions) or by scale. The second options will produce a plot at the exact supplied scale, centered on the current map extents.

VA-Maps, Element Report

An enhancement in VA-Maps, in the element information user interface, lets the user decide whether she also wants to receive the report by email.

Server Project Creation

Due to recent changes in the way we try to access files in use by another process, it was not possible to create a new server project in ViSit Anywhere. This problem is now corrected.

FM, Dynamic Occupancy

Minor enhancements in the occupancy planning of workstations, in the Facility Management extension of ViSit Anywhere.

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