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ViSit Anywhere 17.1.3 Release Notes

Created an Infrastructure to Manage ViSit Anywhere Options

In an effort to reduce the number of rarely used items in the ribbon, we have started implementing a framework to have application options set from a control accessible from the application menu (backstage view).

Occupancy Planning Control for Facilities Management

In this version we have a pre-release version of a tool to manage workstation/office occupancy planning for our facilities management tool set.

Code Editor Bug Corrections

We have corrected a number of errors in the new code editor that were causing problems.  The current code editor provides light-weight code editing with syntax highlighting.

MS SQL Server Auto-synchronization Bug Fixes

A problem where the SQL Server version of ViSit Anywhere Auto-Synchronization would access change (delta) tables even when it was configured not to maintain change tables was corrected.

File Access Re-trying Generalized

In order to address various problems where some files could not be opened because they were being accessed by other processes, we have generalized an infrastructure that will re-try access operations after waiting a short time.  We are hoping that this will correct complex file access problems.

Corrected Problem with BAN URL

We have corrected a problem related to the change of the root URL for the French base national d'adresse (BAN).

Corrected problem with GPS Cartographic Altitude

We have corrected a problem with a GPS function that calculated corrected cartographic altitudes for GPS locations.

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