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ViSit Anywhere 17.1.2 Release Notes

Parse Binary Data From  EPANET Simulation

It is now possible to execute an EPANET configuration directly from within ViSit Anywhere and load the resulting binary report file.  The parser will report any errors or warnings that were encountered with the execution and an in memory object will be loaded that wraps the results.  This object is then available for use by user functions directly from the EPANET tool provider.  Some new user interface items are also shown to help the user navigate and understand the contents of the simulation.  Note, this is still a preliminary release of the EPANET simulation framework and not all features are currently available.

Provide a Dynamic Legend Mapping for Label Text

It is now possible to replace the static label text with dynamically calculated text in a element label using the Element Label Dynamic Legend Mapping object.  This mapping allows user to specify the Label Id for a given table and use a data label (consisting of a format string and one or more table expressions) to construct the new label text.

Process GPS (GGA) Sentences Without Height Above Geoid

Some GPS devices may not provide the height above the geoid in the positional GPS sentence (GGA).  Previous versions of ViSit Anywhere would ignore such signals, but in this version we accept the signal but highlight the fact that the altitude value may not be appropriate for some uses (when capturing for use with projected coordinate systems).  Consult the blog entry GPS Missing Height Above Geoid for more information.

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