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ViSit Anywhere 18.2.26 Release Notes

Dynamic Legends

This version allows you to show the contents of the the current dynamic legend, in the 'My Map' panel or in the plot borders. Please read this article for more information.

'Live' tables

This version implements a new table type 'Live'. A live table is an external without any sotrage in the ViSit Anywhere project. VA gets the data directly from the external source, as long as you have a valid connection to that data source. Live tables implement the same functionalities as external tables, but you can not provide a table navigator from the live table data towards related spatial data in the local project.

Download Application Documentation

I have provided the necessary controls in the ViSit Anywhere application and on the web site to download application documentation for both x86 and x64 versions of ViSit Anywhere.

Improved Reporting for ViSit Anywhere Maps Back-End

The ViSit Anywhere Maps back-end (VAX/VQS) has been updated to provide better reporting for VA Maps (logging PDF printouts at the user level).  The error reporting infrastructure has also been improved to allow us to be more reactive to back-end server incidents. 

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