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ViSit Anywhere 16.3.7 Release Notes

Gazetteers and External Tables

It is now possible to exclude an external table from the list of available gazetteers, through a new property on external tables.

Longitudinal Profiles

Corrected an error when drawing network profiles, when a list of points is empty.

VAX Journal Queue Fixed

I have corrected a minor error that was causing the VAX journal queue to fill without release space.  This may have only applied to VAX engines hosted internally, but if you are having VAX journal queues filling, it may be useful to install this version.

Optimized the Raster Tile Upload for VA Maps

An optimization was implemented that will improve the upload of raster files to the VA Maps infrastructure.  This should result in more consistent map views in VA Maps (especially when there is a lot of changes being processed by the project.

Fixed Bug in Guichet Unique

We have fixed a problem in Guichet Unique that was found when a DT dossier had an additional DTLiee section.  In this case, the emprise form the DTLiee was also being collected and was causing errors.

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