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ViSit Anywhere 16.3.0 Release Notes

Web Plotting

A dynamic colorization could be applied during a Web plot, when there was no colorization involved with the current web layers in the client application.

Project Explorer

Fixed a refresh problem in partial project trees (shortcuts), during 'Undo' operations.

Display Performance

Resolved a problem that potentially affect the performances of the map display in ViSit Anywhere.


There was a problem using gazetteers with a touch screen.


Catch and show any exception thrown during a Drag&Drop (distribution) operation.

ERDF extension

The Clients.ERDF extension has been adapted to support différent models, where the MV/LV stations are integrated with the LV network..

CAD Extensions

The 'CAD extension' object, in charge of providing cad engine specific data, extracts these definitions in a temporary file for the current session. We have been notified of user exceptions indicating that this temporary was not found, probably deleted by another application. To limit that possibility, the object now uses specific file extensions instead of .tmp (.library, .seedfile).

GPS Improvements

In this version we have updated the implementation of the GPS snap-in.  We now process GST NMEA sentences, which give us access to the GPS noise statistics.  This will basically allow us to know the root mean square error (RMS) and the standard deviation in longitude, latitude and altitude, as well as giving us some notion of the shape of the ellipse defined by the noise statistics.  We allow the administrator to require a GST sentence in order to capture an acceptable sample, as well as defining the time since the GPS device last connected to the correction service (it is a good idea for the GPS to connect to the service at least every 2 minutes or so).  In addition to the new information from the GTS sentence, we have implemented a high performance NMEA monitor, where users can troubleshoot problems using their devices by displaying raw and semi-parsed NMEA sentences (without being overwhelmed by the amount of data).

SharePoint Client Update

We have updated the Microsoft SharePoint client software that is used to interface with SharePoint.  This provides an new, simpler way to connect to SharePoint on premises and in SharePoint Online.  The connection is now unified in a single connection dialog where the user selects the type of authentication to use (Windows, HTTP Forms, SharePoint Online or Anonymous).  Of course the target server must be configured to use the authentication technique that the user selects.  In terms of current SharePoint users, it allows an easier way to connect to SharePoint Online (with credential caching) and will allow Windows authentication to specify either the current Windows user or to provide an alternate Windows credential.  The new SharePoint client has a much larger API and will allow new SharePoint features to be implemented more easily.

Updated Components

This version also updates the CAD and user interface components which will allow us to support a wider variety of applications in ViSit Anywhere.

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