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ViSit Anywhere Development 2016

The year 2016 announces a new era in the development of ViSit Anywhere.  When we first started developing ViSit Anywhere, we knew that we would be spending a lot of time with the core features, these included basic editing, change management and printing.  As these features began to come on line we concentrated on advanced features, like tools for electricity or water, reporting and data integration.

We think that we have finally arrived with a tool that, if not feature complete, is feature rich.  For this reason, 2016 is the year that we will be concentrating on major new applications, while consolidating and improving the core ViSit Anywhere application.
The first major application that is coming on line is ViSit Anywhere for Facilities Management.  This application is optimized for rapidly creating floor plans and easily managing the associated assets.  One of the most important features of our FM product line is its ability to add groups of symbols and arrange using a consistent set of editing control.  This allows FM users to create large complex floor plans quickly and consistently.  An offshoot of the FM application is a new database provider (Microsoft SQL Server) for ViSit Anywhere Auto-Synchronization (VAAS).
Another important application that will be coming online in 2016 is ViSit Anywhere Maps.  Maps is a hosted web application, built from a standard ViSit Anywhere project and can provide simple desktop and mobile web access to your ViSit Anywhere data.  ViSit Anywhere Maps is not meant to be a heavy weight Full Web GIS, as those application tend to be complex and clunky.  Rather we we designed Maps we had an application more like Google Maps in mind.  The idea is to provide a GIS experience that a regular Google Maps user can understand - fluid graphics, simple navigation.  In order to achieve this simplicity of use, ViSit Anywhere Maps concentrates on visualization, navigation, printing and annotation - and leaves the more complex GIS editing tasks to the far more capable ViSit Anywhere application.
ViSit Anywhere Maps has already introduced new technologies into the ViSit Anywhere product family, including the ViSit Anywhere execution engine (VAX), which is responsible to synchronizing ViSit Anywhere project revisions and applying them to the Maps data set.  We have also developed a queuing server (VQS) that is responsible to accepting unstructured requests and formatting them for VAX processing.  In this way, web users can queue requests (including updates) to the VAX engine for processing.  Since VAX is a full (read/write) ViSit Anywhere engine, we can suppose that web users will be able to make project updates using VQS and VAX.
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