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ViSit Anywhere 22.2.5 Release Notes

Configuration Variables

ViSit Anywhere handles 2 additional configuration variables :

  • vigis_server_project : The identifier of the server project
  • vigis_organization : the code of the organization owning the project (for instance hc574)

When these variables are not défined at the system level (Windows variables), VA populates them according to the current project.

These variables might be used for instance for specifying a path to static files that will adapt itself in any project.

Table in several activities

We have recently faced an issue related to the fact that the same spatial table was declared in 2 activities, which is incorrect.

Such an error in the data model is now detected in the Project Explorer, using the Check display mode either on one of the activity or on the static lgend of the table.

Secondary Table based on a boolean

It is valid to specialize a spatial table according to the value of a boolean column (although secondary tables are usually based on an enumerated column - related to a referene table). But the vertical (attributes) grid was notr refreshed when that boolean value changed. 

Navigate by Adress

The navigation by address tool of ViSit Anywhere is based on the service proposed by the French Base Adresse Nationale. This tool was not handling the character set used by BAN, and accented characters were not properly displayed. This problem is now fixed.


In this version, we have corrected problems related to the definition and management of user roles :

  • It was not possible to restore the last excluded activity of a role (when the activity was the only entry in the list of excluded activities)
  • It was possible to edit the content of a reference table although that table was declared as 'read-only' in the current user role

These problems are now fixed.

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