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ViSit Anywhere 22.2.14 Release Notes

Import DWG Geometry

Several import tools in VA can translate a CAD geometry found in a DWG file into a managed geometry in ViSit. As VA has no support for curved objects (it only supports simple linestrings expressed as a list of points), importing a curved geometry (arc, circle, ...) requires a linear tolerance for stroking the geometry. It is now possible to specifiy this stroking tolerance, through a new property in a vector activity. The default value (0.025 m) should be acceptable for most usages ; it can be changed be specifying a linear tolerance in the source static vector activity. Every import tool in VA now uses this tolerance.

Data Injection

We have recently enhanced the data injection tools in VAX, so that we can integrate spatial data (points only). In this version, VAX compares the corrdinate reference of the source data (its srid) with the coordinate reference defined in the VA project, and computes the transformation when required. This feature can be used to handle the change in altitudes betwwen a GPS point (in WGS84) and a 3D point in VA.

Kizeo Integration

When we load Kizeo records for their integration in VA, we populate a pseudo-column showing whether a record is already integrated or not. That logic was wrong when a Kizeo form is redirected into two distinct VA tables.

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