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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.7 Release Notes

Spatial Data Integration

In this version, we have corrected several issues related to the integration of spatial data (Shape, PostGIS) expressed in longitude/latitude.

Initialize Attributes

A new 'Initialize Attributes' tool is now available in the Database category. When the first asset is identified, the tool displays an empty grid; the user populates the columns to initialize. The tool is now locked on that spatial table, and silently initializes these values on the next identified assets. If at least one column of the target asset is already populated, the operation is rejected with a warning.

Longitudinal Profile

 It is now possible to generate a longitudinal profile from the contents of any horizontal grid. The selected segments must be connected to each other.


In specific situations, it was not possible to exit a paper composition. This problem has been corrected in this release.

Continuité de fourniture

This version includes a correction in the Vigis.Elec.Cf extension. The application was not always able to load the network data.

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