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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.5 Release Notes

Kizeo Tools

In this version we have enhanced the Kizeo graphic tools 'Add Symbol' & 'Add Equipment'. The location of the Kizeo form is immediately displayed when the tool is activated, as well as the search radius. The change in the Add Equipment tool also prevents an error when the user identifies a segment far from the form location.

Gazetteer on Detail Table

Gazetteers relatives to a secondary/detail table are now working as designed.

 Elec Calculation

Calculation settings associates client category values with diversity tables. When a calculation settings references a category that does not exist anymore in the reference table, the calcjulation fails with a 'key not found' exception.

In this version, we log a message about the missing category; moreover, we display in the calculation settings UI any category value used, even when not present in the reference table, allowing the user to clean the settings.


In this version we have corrected a problem that could prevent the user from adjusting the costs of a closed worksite.

Place Label

The label placement tool proposes in a popup window a list showing every label in the legend compatible with the select spatial asset. Depending on the actual legend, this list can be long and can contain a lot of duplicates (same text, evn though the label will have a different symbology). We now filter that list to keep only distinct values.

WMTS Services

We have enhanced the connection to WMTS services, in order to handle differents ways of exposing layers and pyramids.

Reconnect Netowrk Segment

The 'Reconnect' network tool now works on 'secondary' service pipes, and allow the user to reconnect the pipe to another delivery point. Use the 'Reassign' tool for 'primary' service pipes.

VAAV accepts Views

It is now possible to configure a grid or a report on a Postgres view. For complex views (slow to execute), we still recommand the setup of materialized views in the configuration of the ViSit Anywhere publication service (VAAS).

Extension of RowCondition

A row condition in VA (the RowCondition class) is usually used to characterize a context in a legend tree or a stop equipment in a network mode. In this version, we support another operator in a row condition : NotEquals (!=). One could use this in order to not stop a network trace on a broken open valve.

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