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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.3 Release Notes

Framed Label

Correction of an error on the frame around multi-lines labels.

Delete Alternate Geometry

When the deletion of an alternate geometry (schematic) was accepted with a double click, the same change was recorded twice in the long transaction file, causing problems during the following commit or during the rollback of the operation.

External Table Content

It is now possible to specify a spotlight in the definition of an external table, in order to transform / filter the 'raw' external content before saving it in ViSit.

Dynamic Segmentation

It is now possible to set up a functional symbology so that a single linestring is splitted into several parts with different symbologies.

Export to PostGIS

A new bar item exports the content of the current horizontal grid directly into a PostGIS table.

Locate External Rows

It is now possible to locate / hilite the selection in an horizontal grid related to an external table; as soon as these selected rows are associated with spatial assets.

Dynamic Symbology for Label

This user preference is now stored for each server project id. The VAX service loads this value from its settings file.

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