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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.0 Release Notes

Core Component Upgrade

This version uses the latest release of the DevExpress components ( 19.2.6) and the VectorDraw cad engine (8004.1.2).

Edit Attributes on Read-only Table

Spatial assets of a read-only table are not detected anymore by the Edit Attributes tool. This is the common behavior of any modification tool.

Note :A table is declared read-only within a role definition.

'Guichet Unique' Extension

Updated the Vigis.SnapIns.GuichetUnique dll since Ineris changes the version number of its schema. This minimal fix does not cover any attributes addtition in the model; it simply prevents en comte les nouveaux éléments éventuels des dossiers, elle évite simplement une erreur lors du chargement d'un dossier.

Kizeo Interface

In this version we have corrected the handling of Kizeo 'barcode' fields.

WMTS Services 

VA now supports WMTS services, quite identically as WMS services are handled.

Delete Tool

The Delete tool no longer proposes to delete the content of the current horizontal grid, if any. That behavior could lead to massive and unwanted suppressions.

Reference Table Key Migration

A wizard facilitates the migration of keys in a reference table, for instance when an administrator wishes to merge existing entries into a single one. The wizard automatically propagates the changes into any related table, and marks 'old' entries as obsolete.

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