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ViSit Anywhere 19.2.5 Release Notes


We have enhanced the renumbering process, as it was limited to HTA data. We can now process BT data, and optionally extend the process  to the whole commune (of the current BT poste).


A null cost was causing an exception during the report generation of a distribution operation. The application now logs a warning message and completes the process using a cost of 0.

Reassign Equipment or Service

In some cases, an error occured when changing the support main of an Equipment or service pipe (with the 'Reassign' tool). This problem is resolved in this version.


In this version we have corrected a problem with the connection to the ViSit Anywhere server when a proxy is involved in the current network configuration; this change affects ViSit Anywhere as well as the VA services (VAAS & VAX).

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