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ViSit Anywhere 19.2.4 Release Notes

'Map' Panel

In this version, we have corrected a problem with the 'Map' panel (from the 'Display' ribbon page).

Site Registration

The site registration now proposes a list of commonly used coordinates systems (at least for France) in its dropdown control.

Revision Commit

We have corrected an issue in the commit process, where the creation of the revision was never ending...

Auto-Resolved Conflicts

When you apply a revision to your local project (synchronisation), ViSit Anywhere resolves primary key conflicts automatically : the identifier (vigis_el_id) of any new spatial object (not yet committed) is incremented to prevent a collision with objets from the revision being applied. In specific conditions, this process was failing (and a recovery bundle was created). This problem is now corrected.

Sorting in Gazetteers

Sorting was not applied in a gazetteer at its first display.

Read-only Table

When a table is declared as readonly in the current user profile, modification tools are disabled on that table. However, it was still possible to modify / delete rows in that table from an horizontal grid. This is no longer the case.

Proxy Settings

We think that we have corrected a problem affecting ViSit Anywhere engines when a proxy is configured, preventing for instance the auto-synchronization service to validate its license.

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