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ViSit Anywhere 19.2.1 Release Notes

Update Major Components

In this release we have upgraded the 2 major third party components of ViSit Anywhere : the user interface controls (DevExpress V19.1.7) and the graphic engine (VDF 8003.1.0).

Network Move Editor

In some cases, the 'Network Move' editor was not loading enough information about Equipment, and therefore could move an Equipment with the wrong rules. This problem has been corrected in this version.

Web Mapping Services

In this version, we have Added a 'Flip Axis' property in a WMS raster activity, as this feature is available since version 1.3 of the WMS standard.

Table Path

We have corrected a problem that affected the navigation between 2 tables using a relational table path, when the path involved a spatial to spatial association.

Compositions in 'My Map'

Paper compositions stored Under a site in the project tree were not proposed in the 'My Map' panel anymore. This problem has been corrected in this version.

Merge Polygons Tool

In this version we have corrected an issue in the 'Merge Polygon' tool, when the second polygon is also a managed element, but related to a different spatial table. 

Masks in VA-Maps

In VA-Maps, the mask potentially applied to the map content is now displayed with a heavier line width and a dark gray colour.

Attributes in VA-Maps

In VA-Maps, the title of the attributes panel now contains the name of the web layer of the selected object; it also shows the name of the related spatial table (where 'Element' was previoulsy displayed).

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