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ViSit Anwyhere 18.2.12 Release Notes

Command Timeout Postgresql Auto-Synchronization

The recent change in the npgsql provider driver (version update) resulted in unexpected timeout errors.  To address this issue I have set the default command timeout in the connection string to be 180 seconds (3 minutes) and the connection timeout to 30 seconds.  In addition, I have increased the timeout on the command that queries the table schema from the default (30 seconds) to 600 seconds (10 minutes) as this was causing a lot of problems for auto-synchronization at Géotech.

Recovering SignalR Connection in VAX Queue Service

I have reinforced the way the VAX Queue Service (VQS) recovers its SignalR connection after it have been disconnected.  Recently we have seen server timeout errors causing the VQS to lose its connection to ViSit Anywhere Maps and crash.  In this release I have validated the way the dropped connection is disposed and I have provided re-try logic (with exponential back-off) when the connection is lost.  Now the server will try to recover its connection up to 10 times and will delay as much as about 20 minutes during the retry.  The idea here is to be more tolerant to the minor network problems that we have seen recently.

Basic Support for Loading Images from WMS Services

This release has some basic support to creating raster tile pyramids using a WMS Service.  The configuration user interface requires more work, but the basic infrastructure for using WMS from inside ViSit Anywhere is there.

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