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ViSit Anywhere 18.2.11 Release Notes

Allow Power and Administrator Users to Commit for Others

Previously, we only allowed users with the primary organization of hc574 to commit for other users.  With this change in place, users with an advanced or administrator license can commit for other users, as long as the other user has an edit license and both users have write access to the project in question.

My Tools Correction

In this version, we have corrected a problem that was recently introduced in the 'My Tools' panel. This problem was visible when the 'Design mode' was desactivated.

VAAS, PostGIS log file

We have recently moved the PostGIS related log files of the VA AS service to the directory of the project log file. The ".log" extension was applied twice to the filename; this is now corrected.

VAAS, inspections

In this version, we have updated NpgSql (V2.2.7), the library that allows a .NET application to communicate with a Postgres database. So far, we were using V2.0.14, which could result in errors during the modification / deletion of inspections.

Polygon Tools

In this version, we have corrected a problem the 'Add Hole' polygon tool; it was no longer possible to identify a shared asset as a hole.

Dynamic Texts

A dynamic legend designed to replace a label content was also affecting the color of the supporting element.

VA-Maps Publication

We have corrected the daily publication toward VA-Maps : some tiles were not updated, due to the way we were handling deleted elements and empty tiles. 

Room Info Report

We have added RoomInfoReport in the FM extension, a new report type designed to automate the production of situation plans for rooms, as well as situation plans for occupants.

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