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ViSit Anywhere 18.1.0 Release Notes

Components Upgrade

This release includes an upgrade of 2 major components of ViSit Anywhere : DevExpress (17.1.2) for the user interface, VectorDraw (7.7014.1.1) for the cad engine. This update solves an issue with the design of reports in VA 64 bits, and with the vector plots (texts not displayed).

Add Network Segment

In some cases, information relative to the new end node was not saved when creating a new network segment.

External Table Initialization

A Null Reference Exception could happen during the initialization of the storage of an external table.

Edit Inspection

Modifying an inspection row from an horizontal grid might fails with an constraint exception. This issue is now corrected.

Directory Discovery

A directory with a '.' in its name was not discovered (a directory containing Shape files for instance).

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