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ViSit Anywhere 17.3.3 Release Notes

Spatial Query Tool

In this version we have added a 'Spatial Query' tool in the Database tool provider. This tool is not intended to show in the ribbon, but rather to be dropped on a spatial table in the 'My Tools' action panel.

Exploration réseau

The Network explorer tool could display more service pipes than traced in its results set. This correction also applies to the Network Closure Reporting tools.

Element Plot Report

We have added an option in the configuration of an Element Plot Report, to expose the location (long/lat) of the spatial objects.

Synelva Snap-In

We have corrected and enhanced the batch plotting of detailed maps.

Saved Queries in Action Panel

We have corrected an error in the execution of saved queries from the Action Panel.

Auto-Synchronization, 64 bits

We have corrected an error specific to the 64 bits version of the Auto-Synchronization service.


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