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ViSit Anywhere 16.3.6 Release Notes

Added Executant table to Guichet Unique Snap-In

Since DICT type consultation dossiers do not have a Declarant property, I have added the Executant property.  This means that there should be a new detail table defined on Consultation Dossier.  I have updated the VA guichet unique v2 project to conform to this new model.

Adding Multiple Inspections

Fixed an error in Vigis.SnapIns.ActionPanel.dll. An exception was thrown when trying to add multiple inspections, an a selection of spatial assets. The error was occurring only when an expression column is present in the inspection table.

Alternate Geometry Initialization

Fixed a filtering problem with the alternate geometry initialization wizard. All types of network objects (equipment, segment, node) are now properly filtered out when the 'only elements with support' option is checked.

Refresh External Table

Fixed an issue with the change management on an external table, when an external row deleted, then re-added, in the same revision.

Text Justification

The justification of labels under constraint is based on the relative positions of the text and the support symbol, providing 4 différent justifications, from bottom-left to upper-right. Four additional justifications are now available, from left-center to bottom-center. The placement and move tools now show the justification point assigned to a label during the operation.

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