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Visit Anywhere 16.3.5 Release Notes

Corrected Installation Problem with Report Designer

There was a missing DevExpress assembly which may cause the report designer to crash (for example, when the XRPivotGrid layout designer was launched).  This has been corrected in the full and patch installer.

Current GPS Coordinates

The GPS Snap-In of ViSit Anywhere now exposes the information about the current position of the GPS receiver. So far, the only information available was related to last sampled point. It is now possible to record the current GPS location even when the asset has been digitized on screen.

Dynamic Fill Color

A correction has been made in VA GT, when a dynamic legend affects the fill color of symbols or text frames.

Map Aligned Texts (VA MS)

A correction has been made in VA for MicroStation, when texts are dynamically aligned with the current view.

EPANET Extension

Corrections in the way we load and export network data in EPANET format.

VA-Maps Publication

Optimized the initial publication for VA-Maps (in the Vigis.SnapIns.Vaw Snap-In), for large coverages.

Equipment Orientation, Alternate Geometry

It is now possible to orient the alternate représentation of an equipment. It is also possible to specify different orientation rules for each representation. When an alternate representation of an equipment is oriented, the reference value of the orientation attribute is not used (the operation is based only on the alternate geometries).

Alternate Geometry for Labels

Its is now possible to adapt the legend in order to exclude certain labels during the initialization of the alternate representation of a data set. The geometry initialization tool now ignores any label without a valid context in the target alternate geometry.

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