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ViSit Anywhere 16.2.3 Release Notes

Element Plot Report

Element plot reports are now supported in the Action panel; users with a Power or Admin licence can drop such a report in their Action panel, and associate it with the element selection tool (from the Report ribbon page).  Menu items in the horizontal grid view will also allow users to execute a particular report.  A separate menu item should appear in the grid for each applicable element plot report.  The plot will be executed against all of the selected rows in the grid. 

Symbol Selection in FM

A bug has been corrected in the FM extension; symbol images were not always available in the symbol selection tool of the FM ribbon page.

Grid Report Tools

A bug has been corrected in the Grid Report tools; a null reference exception was thrown when opening an horizontal grid on an inspection table.

Double-Click Grid Row to Locate

It is now possible to localize an element simply by double clicking on a localizable row in the horizontal grid.  A localizable row is a row that contains either a valid managed cad element or valid element id and site id columns.

This is a Base Installer Version

This build (16.2.3) will be used as the first base build for release 16.2.  Subsequent builds will allow patch installations to apply minor upgrades (as long as the user has installed version 16.2.3 or later).

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