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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.4 Release Notes

Customer Attachement

The customer attachement tool (network) gives the user a chance to save pending changes when the attachement is closed.

Locate Document Row

It is now possible to locate a Document row from an horizontal grid (similar to what we did for external rows in the last release).

Export to PostGIS

The user can export geometries in a different SRS.

Corrected an error when exporting VA symbols (the geometry type of the column was Point, when the geometry value was  MultiPoint).


Corrected a problem with gazetteers. In somecases, a gazetteer was proposing only a subset of matching rows.

Bulk Service Pipes Creation

A new tool (in Vigis.SnapIns.Network) can connect free standing delivery points to the closest main. The tool operates on the current grid, and accepts various filtering criteria ro restrict the target mains.

External Table

We have enhanced the refresh of an external table, when the source data contain duplicated keys (before filtering).


Executing a predefined query from the 'My Tools' panel now shows the query definition ; the user is able to modify the query before executing it.

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