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ViSit Anywhere 20.1.1 Release Notes

Null characters in External Table

ViSit Anywhere now trim strings from null characters (in columns with a string data type), in any content loaded from an external database. We have detected such strings in an Oracle table.

Key Migration

In this release we have corrected a problem with the migration of keys in a reference table, when at least one affected (child) table was also a reference table (nested references).

Texts in Sub-Compositions

In this release, we have enhanced paper compositions with a new Property, 'Fold'. When checked, the text of the sub-composition will flow within its frame.

WMTS Services

This release is the first version of ViSit Anywhere with full support of WMTS services.

Color of Plot Footprints

A new item in the 'Composer' ribbon page allows the user to change the color of the plot footprints. This color is saved locally in the user's préférences (per server project).

Auto-Synchronization & Partial Project

In this release we have corrected a problem in the VA AS service. The synchronization (in PostGIS) of a revision committed from a partial project could fail.

Network, Shortest Path

The 'Longitunal Profiles' tool provider contains a tool that selects a set of adjacents network segments between 2 points. This selection tool is very useful for drawing longitudinal profiles, but it can also be used for more general puposes.

Therefore, we have integrated it in the Network ribbon page, and made sure that it works without the definition of a longitudinal profile. Furthermore, the resulting  horizontal grid is now editable, to allow attribute updates on the whole selection.

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