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ViSit Anywhere 19.2.2 Release Notes


We have corrected an issue in the maintenance of a local gazetteer during a synchronization. 

WMS Activities

The properties of a WMS activity were not fully initialized when discovering/ntegrating from another local project.

Shape Import

We have corrected 2 issues related to Shape data import : (1) Coordinates were not properly transformed to the current system when the source system is in long/lat, and (2) site filtering was not always working.

Exception Logging

We try to enhance error messages (and stack traces), as some VAX logs become totally unusable (work in progress).

Kizeo Extension

We have added new features in the Kizeo extension; it is now possible to fill a Kizeo form with data from an external table; it is also possible to integrate data from Kizeo forms totally populated in the field.

My Tools

Changing the size of the buttons in the 'My Tools' panel is now available for all license levels.

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